Authentic Native American Pottery, Traditional Navajo Wedding Vase, Hand Painted Pot Made in New Mexico, Artist Signed, Southwestern Home Decor, Wedding or Anniversary Gift, Rustic Handmade Decoration



Height: 9 inches, Width: 6 inches, Opening Diameter: 2 inches on each side

Image: Actual item. Not a stock photo

Take a trip with us down Historic Route 66 to find the true spirit of the Southwest with beautiful and authentic Native American home decor! This one-of-a kind Native American Wedding Vase is signed by Navajo artisan Mireille Gilmore.

Navajo wedding vase is a significant cultural artifact in Navajo (Diné) tradition and holds deep symbolism within the context of marriage and unity. In Navajo culture, marriage is regarded as a sacred bond, and the wedding vase represents the harmony and balance between two individuals coming together as partners. The dual-spouted design of the vase signifies the two distinct individuals, typically a bride and groom, each with their own qualities, strengths, and uniqueness. The two spouts symbolize the paths of the individuals, and the body of the vase represents their life journey together. The looped or intertwined handle often seen on Navajo wedding vases signifies the eternal connection between the two partners. This meaningful piece would be beautiful in any home and would serve as a perfect wedding or anniversary gift.

EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EMPLOYMENT: This piece was etched and painted by a member of the Navajo Native American Tribe. We are proud to support these artists by developing collaborative projects that provide employment through the artistic expression of their culture.

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*Please note: this piece is intended for DECORATIVE USE ONLY. Images are not stock photos, but are pictures of the exact piece you will receive. As with any handmade product, pieces may be subject to very minor imperfections.