7 Inch Authentic Wolfman Kachina Figure, Genuine Navajo Native American Tribe Handmade in the USA, Artist Signed, Natural Materials, Southwestern Collectible Figurine

SKU: U4M8033GS7

Take a trip with us down Historic Route 66 and find the spirit of the southwest with this amazing Wolfman Kachina Doll. This handmade figure is 7 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide. This piece is signed by the Navajo artisan who hand carved and painted each detail. This authentic kachina is made with all-natural materials of feathers, rabbit fur, leather, and indigenous wood.

NOT A TREND: We are proud to say that every detail on this kachina was completely handmade by Native American artists using the same techniques pioneered by their ancestors almost 200 years ago.

NATIVE TRADITIONS: Pueblo tribes of the American Southwest believe that religious spirits, in the form of Kachinas, come down from the mountains to dance, sing, and bring rain for the harvest. These figurines are given to children as objects to be treasured and studied as part of their religious education.

EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EMPLOYMENT: This piece was handmade by a member of the Navajo Native American Tribe. We are proud to support these artists by developing collaborative projects that provide employment through the artistic expression of their culture.

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SOUTHWEST STYLE: These vivid shades will be an eye catching addition to your home or office decor. This Native American art piece would look stunning on a shelf, coffee table, or display case. Personalize your office with this amazing conversation piece. Kachinas are a beautiful way to acknowledge Native American heritage. Celebrate your love for all things southwest today by clicking 'add to cart' today.

Note: Some minor details may vary in color from the photograph shown.