35 inch, Genuine Navajo Pearl Necklace, Sterling Silver, Authentic Navajo Native American USA Handmade in New Mexico, 4mm


Artisan: Navajo Native American Tribe, New Mexico, USA

Metal Composition: Oxidized 925 Sterling Silver (Nickel and Lead Free)

Production Method: Small Batch Production

Length: 35 inches

Sterling Bead Size: 4mm

Number of Strands: 1

Image: Actual Item. Not a stock photo.

Take a trip with us down old Route 66 to a remote desert where the Pueblo Tribes of the American Southwest have been crafting small batches of handmade jewelry in their homes for over 200 years. Native artists use vibrant stones from local mines to express their culture and the spirit of the land. In this place, traditions and milestones are celebrated in Sterling Silver, and cherished pieces are handed down to the next generation of adventure seekers.

Appreciate the Difference: We are not manufacturers. Feel proud knowing that your piece was made on a kitchen table or family workshop on the Navajo Nation or Zuni Pueblo of New Mexico. Thank you for helping us provide empowerment and employment through the artistic expression of this remarkable culture.

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